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Christopher Bull @Anaspitos






Christopher Bull -funambulist

For over a dozen years, Chris has been walking wires and ropes, slack or tight, short or long and bringing moments of equilibrium and balance to audiences throughout the world.



More well known by his stage name: Anaspitos, Christoper Bull, or just plain Chris to his friends is available to perform anywhere from Circus bigtops, through theatre and cabaret venues to the space between two high things!



The Art Of Balance Gallery.......


Slack Rope

More well known by his stage name: Anaspitos, the slack rope walker deftly mounts a rope strung between two A frames, two trees , or two of anything strong enough to perform an act with various acrobatic skills and feats of balance...



Painting footsteps in the skies, the funambulist steps out with courage to tread through space with a delicate grace..



Fire Wire

Performed slack or tight, for a more daring stunt the wire is set alight in the middle and crossed as flames lick up the legs