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Glastonbury 2022

With base camp Bullzini only 3 miles from the Glastonbury Circus field, seeing the festival back on and being invited back to teach, perform and show off the old traditional Bullzini showmans wagon was a treat and a joy. Once again, Chris Bullzini took the opportunity to dive deeper into new and different styles of presentation and as a testimony to the human body as well as a continuing exploration of his own body shame and acceptance, Chris performed naked. After starting off with a 15 minute public meditation to explore stillness in amongst the multitude of visual and audio stimulation of the festival, Chris began a presentation based on spiritual ritual complete with incense and devotional Tibetan chanting before shedding his clothes. The ritual continued as Chris began to mark himself with clay which initiated a process of transformation into his animal self; on all fours and taring out grass with his teeth whilst snarling at the fast growing audience, Chris continued towards the finale of the piece where the ascent to the wire represents the evolution of man.... but let's not ever forget; we all have the wild animal at our core... and... this too is sacred!

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