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The Show Must Go On....line

Further adventures into 2020 the Covid 19 year meant a whole new presentation style was forced upon us for the November the 6th & 7th performances due to take place on the Bullzini Family land in Somerset.

Having plans to perform live to 700 socially distanced people, we quickly had to change when the government suddenly announced a second lockdown less than a week before the show was due to go up! Not a perfect option but the best we could do under the circumstances, we were lucky to have help from the amazing and talented documentary maker Henry Temperly to film the show live and send it out to the ticket holders who, seeing our predicament, kindly left us with their ticket money in understanding that the money had already been spent on putting up the high-wire and booking generator/lights/artists etc.

It was probably the most difficult decision i've had to make in my career and the stress load was huge, not made any lighter by the persistent and insistent telephone calls from people demanding refunds... we all felt awful about the way things turned out but as a last desperate effort together some good quality circus arts out to a wonderful and supportive paying public, we were able to get the show filmed and out online to the audience who were kind enough not to request a refund.

The added advantage to the filming of the show was that we are able to reach a much wider audience. It exists online and people are able to donate money and watch the film from the comfort of their homes around the world.

If you want to watch it, please just got to the BRAVE NEW DAWN page of our other website

photos from Matilda Temperly and Mark Picthall

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